Custom Thesis Proposal

Understanding a thesis proposal

A thesis proposal or a proposal for thesis is a write-up presented to a dissertation or thesis committee proposing/suggesting a research topic which a student plans to investigate in a thesis or dissertation assignment. It highlights the activities that will be involved in the course of your project.

In your thesis proposal, you are expected to state a problem and state systematic processes through which you will use to supply answers to the research question.  If this gives you a challenge, do not hesitate to contact to assist you accordingly. We are a thesis proposal help that is designed to assist you with your assignments.

A proposal for thesis is so important such that you cannot submit a thesis project as valid before you prove its validity to the thesis committee in the PhD thesis proposal, undergraduate thesis proposal, or master’s thesis proposal. It is important to note that a thesis proposal serves to lay a foundation for your research project, as it gives direction to your research.

Challenges of writing a thesis proposal

We have noted that when writing proposal for thesis, students find it difficult as they do not know the requirements of undergraduate thesis proposal, PhD thesis proposal or a master’s thesis proposal. We wish to clarify that the requirements are the same as they serve the same purpose, only that the intensity of research differs due to the demands of different levels and fields of study.

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A thesis proposal addresses the following:

  • It states the research question
  • It shows how you will supply a sufficient answer to the research question
  • It confirms the availability of data for your research
  • It gives a plan for your project

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